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My Number, My Identity - Business

'My number, My Identity'

Register your business to continue enjoying your mobile services.

For compliance reasons, we require all new and existing businesses to register their Establishment Card in order to continue enjoying our services.

Documents required to register your mobile account.

  • Copy of valid Trade Licence
  • Original and copy of valid Establishment Card
  • Original and copy of Authorisation letter/Power of Attorney (if the subscriber isn’t the signatory on the Establishment Card)
  • Copy of Emirates ID or Passport and residence visa page of the authorised person

How to register

It's easy. Just bring your documents to any of our stores listed below, or contact your Account Manager.


Q. What is an Establishment Card?

A. It is mandatory for every registered business in the UAE to have an Establishment Card. Developed by the Ministry of Interior to create a comprehensive register of companies in the UAE. the Establishment Card system serves multiple purposes including ensuring the compliance of companies with immigration rules and regulations.

This card is generally available to the Public Relationship Officer (PRO) of the company to process visas and immigration needs for employees of the company.

Q. How can I get an Establishment Card?

A. Check with your company’s Public Relationship Officer (PRO) or the company owner to see if your company already has an Establishment Card.

If it doesn’t have an Establishment Card, you can apply for it through the Ministry of Interior, Government of Abu Dhabi, Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department or through the government services department of the free zone your business is registered in.

Q. I haven’t got an Establishment Card. Will I be suspended?

A. The suspension process will happen in stages, so although the deadline for submission has passed, your account may remain active for some time. Please use this time to get an Establishment Card. Each mobile line being suspended will receive a warning SMS that suspension is about to happen at least 7 days in advance.

As per TRA guidelines all accounts without a valid Establishment Card have to be suspended. Currently there are no exceptions.

Q. What are the benefits of registering with an Establishment Card?

  • A. In addition to ensuring your mobile line remains active, there are additional benefits for registering your Establishment Card.It allows a simple, clear and transparent process for SIM card registration so you can use mobile phone services provided by UAE operators.
  • It ensures customer rights and confidentiality are adhered to.
  • Cases of fraud will be avoided by accepting only a specific set of current, valid documents.

Q. What does suspension mean?

A. Your mobile line will be able to receive calls and SMSs, however you won’t be able to make outgoing calls, send SMSs or use data. Suspensions will last for 90 days. You can still register your Establishment Card during this period and we encourage you to do so. Visit one of our stores to register. If your Establishment Card is valid and there are no bills outstanding, your account will be reactivated within 24 hours. During the suspension period, the monthly rental charge will still apply.

Q. What happens after suspension?

A. After 90 days, your line will be deactivated. This means that you will no longer be able to receive calls or SMSs (nor be able to make calls or send SMSs). Any outstanding bills will still apply.

Q. How can I reactivate my account?

A. Take your valid Establishment Card and a copy of it to one of our retail stores, or speak to your Account Manager.

Q. How long will it take to reactivate my account if I follow the above process?

A. If you visit one of the approved stores, your account will be reactivated within 24 hours.

If your Account Manager is assisting you with this process, they will be scan and send the documents back to us and it could take approximately 3 working days to have your account reactivated.

Q. If my line is deactivated; can I still have my existing number back later?

A. Unfortunately once your line is deactivated, the number goes immediately back into the pool for registration and other customers may take it.

Q. I’ve already submitted my documents, but I’m still getting warning messages (by SMS or email), why?

A. We’re sorry for sending multiple messages. There are a number of cases where you may still receive a warning message:

· Where you have recently (within the last 3 days) registered your Establishment Card and our system has not yet been updated when the list of people to message was created. You can ignore the message in this case.

· Where your registration has been invalid or our records do not show a valid Establishment Card. We recommend you to register again and we apologise for the inconvenience. The main message you should be concerned about is a warning of suspension. This will be sent at least 7 days in advance and mention that your account is scheduled for suspension due to not having registered a valid Establishment Card.

Q. What happens if my Establishment Card expires? Do I have to register every year?

A. Yes. As per TRA guidelines, you have to provide a valid Establishment Card to maintain your account. Please ensure that we have an unexpired copy of your Establishment Card on file.


List of stores where you can register your Establishment Card.

Store name






Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi

3rd floor, next to the food court.

Abu Dhabi Hamdan Street

Abu Dhabi

Lewaa Street and Hamdan Street corner.

Al Ain Bawadi Mall

Al Ain

Shop H42, ground floor, Al Ain Bawadi Mall.

Al Ghurair Centre


Unit G10a, ground floor, Al Rigga Road.

Al Twar Centre


1st Floor, Al Twar Centre, Al Qusais, Dubai.

Dubai Healthcare City


Building no. 72, shop No.5.

Dubai Mall


Lower ground unit 159, Dubai Mall.

Salam Tower


Ground floor/Media City (behind BBC building).

Ibn Battuta store


Tunisian Court, Ibn Battuta Mall.

Mall Of Emirates - Metro


Metro Dubai (entrance gate).

Sharjah City Centre


Shop No. – B 029 ground floor.

Umm Al Quwain store

Umm Al Quwain

Al Ittihad roundabout.

Ras Al Khaimah - Manar Mall

Ras Al Khaimah

Manar Mall Kiosk, middle hall, ground floor.

Fujairah City Centre


Ground floor G-067, Fujairah City Centre.


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